Book Project for Dr. George A. Ashford, Jr., Lead Pastor

Your Input is Valuable!
As Pastor Ashford begins his journey of completing his first book, he will be preaching a series of messages that will be included in the book project. Please submit your feedback on how the messages have impacted your life on the submission forms below.


You may also submit a brief refection on how the sermon impacted your life. The reflection should be no more than 150 words. A select number of reflections may be included in the final book publication. If you wish for your reflection to be anonymous, please let us know. If it is necessary to edit the length of the reflection, your words will not be changed and your name will still be included (unless you request to remain anonymous). Your reflections can be sent to The sermon series may be reviewed at

Your input can also be shared by:

*texting your responses to Journey’s text line at 803.216.1065
*clicking the Lose to Win Again link in the Journey App
*taking a picture of your handout and email your photo to
*visiting the Church Office and get a copy made of your handout

Thank you for your feedback.